What’s Your Career Low in Golf? Redditors Share Their Victories and Challenges

Golfers discuss their career lows and handicaps, reflecting on past triumphs and future goals.

Reddit is buzzing with golfers sharing their career lows and handicaps. Let’s tee off into their victories and challenges!


  • Golfers reveal their career low scores and current handicaps.
  • Some players express pride in achieving their best rounds.
  • Others reflect on past successes and challenges to improve their game.

Chasing Personal Bests

Golfers like “iPeterParker” reminisce about their career lows, highlighting their improvement in the sport over time.

Maintaining Consistency

Players such as “moparforever” reflect on returning to golf after a break, aiming to surpass previous achievements despite challenges.

Overcoming Setbacks

For golfers like “HustlaOfCultcha,” injuries and life events have impacted their game, but they maintain a positive outlook on future improvement.

This Reddit discussion showcases the diverse experiences and aspirations of golfers striving for greatness on the course.