What’s the Smallest Fish You’ve Ever Caught? Reddit Anglers Share Their Tiny Catches

Discover the tiniest catches of Reddit anglers. From minnows to sculpins, these fish tales will make you chuckle!

Ever wondered about the smallest fish caught by anglers? Let’s dive into what Reddit users have reeled in!


  • Reddit anglers swap stories about their tiniest fish catches.
  • From minnows to sculpins, the catches range from cute to comical.
  • Users share anecdotes of unexpected catches and amusing experiences.

Lairdicus Shares:

Lairdicus posted a photo of a tiny fish, sparking curiosity among fellow Redditors.

YvesSaintMob’s Take:

YvesSaintMob recalls fun fishing experiences with baby shiners in South Carolina.

splitowl’s Catfish Story:

splitowl reminisces about a catfish catch where the hook went in its mouth and out its gills.

Final Thoughts

From minnows to sculpins, every tiny fish catch holds a special place in an angler’s heart. These stories remind us that no catch is too small to share and cherish in the world of fishing.