What’s the Best Play on the Golf Course – Reddit Golfers Speak Out

Golfers on Reddit debate the best play strategy on a tricky course. Check out the hilarious suggestions!

Reddit golfers are deliberating the best approach to a challenging hole. The diverse suggestions and humorous takes make for an entertaining read.


  • Golfers explore various strategies, from hitting straight to taking risky shots.
  • Humor and creativity shine through the comments, adding fun to the debate.
  • Players share personal anecdotes and tips, creating a sense of camaraderie.
  • There’s a mix of cautious and daring players, each advocating for their preferred strategy.

Contending with the Cart Path

Giving a unique twist to the discussion, user @smallbatchbourbon suggests putting up the cart path as a strategic move. This unconventional approach adds an element of humor to the decision-making process.

Club Selection Dilemma

Some users, like @1klmot, opt for a hybrid club, aiming for a smart play but humorously predicting a less than ideal outcome. This mix of practicality and skepticism adds depth to the conversation.

Daring Approaches

For those inclined towards bold moves, suggestions like taking the driver by @Nifty_5050 spark excitement. The vivid analogy of the course opening up ‘like a cow’s vagina’ brings a playful energy to the deliberation.

In the end, a variety of opinions and strategies flow through the thread, showcasing the diversity and creativity within the golfing community. Whether advocating for caution or advocating for risk-taking, each player brings their unique flair to the conversation, making the game of golf all the more engaging and unpredictable.