What’s That Fish? A Mysterious Encounter in the PNW

A fisherman seeks identification for a mysterious 16-inch catch in the PNW. What could it be?

A fisherman in the PNW seeks help identifying a 16-inch catch. Can Reddit solve the mystery?


  • Users help a newbie angler identify an unusual catch.
  • Initial confusion gives way to humorous interpretations.
  • Community camaraderie shines through in the playful responses.
  • Some users offer serious attempts at identification.
  • Unveiling the Mystery

    As the angler presents the image of the fish, users jump in to solve the mystery. One user confidently states, ‘Largescale sucker in spawning colors,’ providing a serious attempt at identification. However, the tone quickly shifts as another user humorously comments, ‘He looks so respectful.’ This contrast sets the stage for a whimsical conversation filled with amusing guesses and camaraderie.

    The Playful Banter

    Among the lighthearted comments, users continue to play along with the theme. From references to specific fish types to comedic comparisons, the thread takes on a delightful tone. For instance, one user jokes, ‘That’s Greg. Bastard owes me $5,’ injecting a dose of humor into the mix.

    A Community of Support

    While the primary goal is fish identification, the community’s willingness to engage in playful banter showcases the underlying camaraderie among anglers. As users come together to assist a fellow fisherman, the shared enjoyment of the sport shines through the humorous exchanges.