What Would Scottie Scheffler Shoot at My Local Muni? Predictions and Musings

Discover the predictions and opinions of Reddit users on how Scottie Scheffler would fare at a local muni.

Reddit post discussing how Scottie Scheffler would perform at a local muni with specific course details.


  • Scottie Scheffler’s potential performance at a local muni sparks varied predictions.
  • Users debate the impact of course conditions and layout on a pro golfer’s score.
  • Insights into the challenges of muni greens and course familiarity for professionals.

Teeing Off

Reddit users speculate that Scheffler’s power could turn par 4s into par 3s, but tricky greens may hinder his putting.

Engaging the Public

Suggestions arise for a PGA tourney at a municipal course, sparking curiosity about how pros handle different challenges.

Pro Predictions

Anticipations run high with expectations of Scheffler excelling on reachable par 5s while adjusting to muni greens.

Finding the Right Line

Users debate the ease of the course, rating its difficulty level and pondering Scheffler’s potential score.