What Shaft is Bubba Playing?

Hey guys, we got a question from a reader on what shaft Bubba Watson is playing – ‘the pink one’. The answer is the Grafalloy BiMatrx Tour Protype.  This shaft has been around for sometime 5+ years, but only recently became available for sale (likely due to Bubba’s popularity).  This shaft is now available in 6 different colors: pink, black, neon orange, white, lime gren and neon blue.  This unique shaft is ultralight, and joins a graphite BiMatrx shaft to a steel tip section – which is said to create a high ball flight, with very low spin, pro

Back by popular demand, Grafalloy BiMatrx Tour Prototype is now available in six custom color options: Pink, Black, Neon Orange, White, Lime Green and Neon Blue.

BiMatrx Tour Prototype combines the best of both worlds in materials and performance. The ultralight graphite BiMatrx body joins with a steel tip section for ultimate distance and control. BiMatrx also has the unique combination of allowing golfers to increase driver loft by as much as 30% while offering a 20% reduction in spin rate. This high launch and low spin blend delivers incredible carry and roll.

This driver shaft is available in R, S and X and weighs in at 65 grams, 65 grams, 80 grams respectively. Here’s a video from Grafalloy on it, and pictures below.  You can find it out on eBay for around $80 or at a variety of Grafalloy retailers.


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