What Pep Guardiola Really Thinks About his Man City Players

Discover what Pep Guardiola candidly told the Manchester City squad in their first meeting.

Former City defender Gael Clichy shares what Pep Guardiola revealed to the players upon his arrival to Manchester City.


  • Pep Guardiola bluntly addressed his new players about their fitness levels.
  • Guardiola gave a strict ultimatum to the squad, emphasizing his expectations.
  • City fans noted a visible change in the team’s physical condition under Guardiola.

Player Perception

City fans expressed mixed reactions to Guardiola’s comments. Some saw it as a necessary wake-up call for the team’s fitness, while others criticized his approach as harsh. The comparison between Pellegrini and Guardiola’s physical impact on players was a topic of discussion.

Guardiola’s Management

Some comments highlighted Guardiola’s ruthless nature in handling player fitness and performance. The manager’s clear communication style and uncompromising standards were both praised and scrutinized by fans.

Fan Observations

The discussion extended to fans noticing the visible changes in player physique under Guardiola’s tenure. Comparisons to past seasons and players were drawn, shedding light on the shift in fitness standards at Manchester City.