What If Josh Gibson Played His Entire Career in MLB: Speculations and Comparisons

Would Josh Gibson match up with baseball greats in the MLB if he had the chance? Fans speculate!

If Josh Gibson, the legendary catcher, had his career in the MLB, who would his stats compare to? Let’s delve into the speculations of fans and experts.


  • Fans compare Gibson’s potential stats to legendary MLB players like Jimmie Foxx and Ernie Banks.
  • Speculations arise about the impact of Gibson’s Negro League career on his MLB performance.
  • Opinions vary from optimism about his greatness to skepticism about his potential flop in the MLB.
  • Comparisons with iconic MLB catchers and power hitters shed light on how Gibson’s career might have unfolded.

Fans’ Speculations on Gibson’s MLB Career

Jimmie Foxx is considered by some fans to be a comparable player to Josh Gibson due to his high average and home run record. However, others argue that Gibson’s lack of MLB experience makes direct comparisons challenging.

Gibson’s Potential Legacy in the MLB

Some fans express doubts about how Gibson’s career might have panned out in the MLB, considering the differences in leagues and competition levels. There are concerns about his transition and longevity in the majors.

Optimism vs. Skepticism

While some fans believe Gibson would have excelled and rivaled legends like Lou Gehrig, others adopt a more cautious approach, highlighting the uncertainties and challenges Gibson might have faced in the MLB.

The discussions surrounding Josh Gibson’s hypothetical MLB career provide insights into the complexities of comparing players across different eras and leagues. While fans hold varied opinions on his potential success in the majors, the reverence for Gibson’s talent and legacy remains undeniable.