What Happens if Pep, Soriano, and Txiki Leave Man City Next Season?

Will Man City’s reign end if key figures leave? Fans weigh in on Reddit.

What will happen if key figures Pep, Soriano, and Txiki all leave Man City next season? Fans debate the impact on the club’s future and success.


  • The success of Man City is tied to the owners’ vision, not just key individuals
  • Man City’s structure and planning may mitigate the impact of key departures
  • Fans acknowledge potential decline if key players and staff leave, but believe in the club’s infrastructure to sustain success
  • Guardiola’s departure could signal a shift in dominance, but continuity planning is in place

The Impact of Key Departures

The departure of Pep, Soriano, and Txiki would undoubtedly have a significant impact on Man City’s future. These key figures have played pivotal roles in the club’s success…

Ownership Vision and Club Structure

Fans’ Confidence in Club’s Future

The Legacy of Guardiola

Fans are divided on the potential outcomes of key departures at Man City, highlighting the uncertainties and concerns surrounding the club’s future. While some foresee a decline in success without key figures, others trust in the club’s infrastructure to weather the storm and continue their dominance in English football.