West Virginia University Coal Themed Uniforms: Twitter Trolling or Fashion Win?

Did WVU’s Twitter tease coal-themed uniforms successfully? Fans share mixed reactions.

West Virginia University’s recent teaser of coal-themed alternate uniforms has sparked mixed reactions from fans on Reddit. Is this a fashion win or a trolling attempt by the WVU Twitter account? Let’s dive into the discussion.


  • Fans express excitement but question the timing of the coal-themed uniforms.
  • Some users see the move as influenced by internet pressure and trends from the mid-2000s.
  • Suggestions for alternative themes like the Battle of Blair Mountain are also raised.

Twitter Trolling or Fashion Statement?

Many fans are divided over whether WVU’s coal-themed uniforms are a clever marketing move or a late adoption of a passing trend. User Matt_WVU points out the influence of online backlash on the decision, drawing parallels to the Sonic movie redesign saga.

Historical Context and Alternatives

User EWall100 brings a historical perspective, highlighting that West Virginia is not the top state in coal extraction. This prompts discussions on whether the choice of theme is truly representative of the state’s identity. User papajim22 suggests a more historically significant theme with the Battle of Blair Mountain, invoking a different narrative for the uniforms.

Fan Anticipation and Skepticism

While some fans like Skanky_Cat express excitement over the potential design, others like TooEZ_OL56 and papajim22 adopt a more skeptical tone towards the coal-themed concept. The comments reflect a range of emotions from enthusiasm to doubt, shaping a dynamic discourse around WVU’s uniform teaser.