West Virginia Adds Javon Small: Boosting Their Basketball Lineup

West Virginia scores big with Javon Small’s commitment. Fans pumped for upcoming season.

West Virginia’s basketball just got a major boost with Javon Small’s commitment to the team. Fans are buzzing about the potential of the revamped lineup. Let’s dive into the excitement shared on Reddit.


  • Fans ecstatic about Javon Small’s commitment to West Virginia.
  • Speculation on West Virginia’s potential lineup for the upcoming season.
  • Excitement building for the team’s prospects in the Big 12.

West Virginia’s Big Win

West Virginia fans are over the moon with Javon Small joining the team, seeing it as a significant win for the program. They believe this addition strengthens the team and increases their chances of success in the upcoming season.

Roster Speculation

Fans are eagerly discussing the potential lineup for the upcoming season, analyzing the mix of transfers and recruits. The excitement is palpable as they envision the team’s composition and how it could fare in the Big 12.

High Hopes for Tournament

There is a consensus among fans that West Virginia is gearing up to be a strong contender in the next tournament. The addition of Javon Small has heightened expectations and fans are eagerly anticipating the team’s performance on the court.