Weekly Running Complaints and Confessions – Let’s Vent and Confess!

Runners share their gripes and secrets in this week’s complaints and confessions thread. Find out why the good, the bad, and the sore legs are making an appearance!

Runners unite to share their weekly gripes and secrets in the latest complaints and confessions thread. From bad influences to summer woes, get ready to vent and confess!


  • Runners are torn between chasing marathon times and committing to ultrarunning.
  • Work interfering with running schedules is a common complaint.
  • Period pains affecting running performance lead to mixed feelings.

The Bad Influences

Some runners find themselves influenced by others to take on challenging races and events, leading to tough decisions on training and recovery.

Summer Woes

The sudden transition to summer weather causes mixed reactions among runners, impacting their training and comfort levels.

Injury Blues

Dealing with knee surgery and the frustration of missing out on prime running seasons tests the patience of dedicated runners.

Runners share their candid thoughts and experiences in the weekly complaints and confessions thread, highlighting the highs and lows of their running journeys. Whether it’s battling physical challenges, navigating busy schedules, or succumbing to the temptations of summer treats, each post reflects the unique blend of passion and perseverance that defines the running community.