Walking Around the Bases After a Home Run: Rules and Reactions

Is walking around the bases after a home run allowed in MLB? Users share hilarious scenarios and potential consequences.

Users debate if walking around the bases after a home run in MLB is allowed or if it would lead to retaliation.


  • MLB rules do not specify a required speed for circling the bases.
  • Players could face retaliation for perceived showboating.
  • Fans enjoy the humor in imagining unique base-running styles.

Debate on Rules

Some users mention that while there is no written rule mandating a specific pace around the bases, it could provoke pitchers to retaliate with aggressive pitches.

Imagining Scenarios

One user humorously suggests the image of a player power walking around the bases, sparking laughter and potential reactions from the opposing team.

Historical References

References to players like Rhys Hoskins and Kirk Gibson walking due to injuries provide examples of non-standard base-running styles, sparking discussions on player behavior.

Fans have varying opinions, with some finding the idea entertaining, while others expect swift retaliation or disapproval from opponents and fans.