Vatic Oni Paddles Delisted: Impact on Pickleball Community

The Vatic Oni Paddles being delisted by USAP brings mixed emotions to the pickleball community with paddle tech regulations.

Player sentiments are split on the news that Vatic Oni Paddles will be de-listed by USAP.


  • USAP decision causes mixed reactions among players and manufacturers.
  • Concerns raised over the impact of paddle technology regulations on the sport.
  • Players appreciate Vatic’s commitment to innovation and customer service despite setbacks.

Impact on Players

Some players see the decision as necessary to maintain fairness and integrity in the sport, while others express disappointment over the sudden change affecting their gameplay and investments.

Manufacturer’s Dilemma

Companies like Vatic face challenges in adapting to shifting regulations and meeting customer expectations, leading to uncertainty in the market.

Community Resilience

Despite the setback, the pickleball community shows resilience and adaptability, seeking alternatives and finding value in the sport beyond equipment.