Vancouver Whitecaps FC: Love Them or Hate Them?

Fans are divided on whether Vancouver Whitecaps FC deserve more attention in MLS.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC are sparking mixed reactions among fans in the MLS subreddit. Some praise their gameplay, while others find it boring and unentertaining.


  • Some fans believe Vancouver’s strategy is effective but boring.
  • Others appreciate the passion and love for the game shown by the team.
  • There is a divided opinion on whether Vancouver deserves more attention in MLS.

Fans’ Love for Vancouver

One user expressed admiration for Vancouver’s setup that led to a red card, acknowledging their potential to win. They praised Vanni and the team’s style, hoping for a successful season.

Mixed Reactions to Gameplay

Another fan highlighted Gauld’s playmaking abilities but contrasted it with Scotland’s poor performance, indicating a disparity in form. This user sarcastically mentioned that Scotland seemed to have things under control.

Debate on Entertainment Value

While some fans fell in love with Vancouver after a passionate display in a playoff game, others found the team boring to watch. Despite acknowledging their effective strategy, one user pointed out the lack of entertainment value in Vancouver’s games.