Vancouver Canucks OT Victory: A Goalie Factory Success Story

Discover why Vancouver Canucks’ 3rd-string goalie win in OT sparked mixed emotions among hockey fans.

The Vancouver Canucks caused a stir in the hockey world with their unexpected OT victory using a 3rd-string goalie.


  • Fans marvel at Vancouver’s goalie depth and clutch performance in OT.
  • Some express frustration at the team stealing Abbotsford’s thunder once again.
  • Emotions range from disbelief to pride in the Canucks’ goalie prowess

Insightful Reactions

LogTman135 adores the Canucks’ goalie coach, Ian Clark, for the team’s success.

HeartySnoo lauds the 47-save performance of the AHL third-string goalie, showcasing the team’s goaltender strength.

Emotional Rollercoaster

lawnicus18 feels Vancouver overshadows Abbotsford with their victory, leading to mixed sentiments among fans.

ctasich expresses the agony and ecstasy that hockey fandom can evoke after experiencing the rollercoaster of emotions.

Celebrating Success

PoutyBitchh apologizes for doubting the Canucks’ chances, showing a shift in sentiment post-victory.

Hyperocean looks forward to the electric atmosphere at Rogers Arena, emphasizing the team’s resilience and support from fans.

Goalie Factory Fun

Young2k04 humorously acknowledges Vancouver as an elite goalie factory, seeing the team’s success as a given.

Awolfx9 questions the anomaly of multiple goalie triumphs in one day, reflecting the astonishment among fans.