UW Regents Meeting Sparks Controversy Among Fans

UW regents contemplate loans to break even amid $29m+ deficit. Fans react with humor and frustration over financial missteps.

University of Washington faces financial turmoil as regents discuss potential loans to offset a significant deficit. Fans express a mix of humor and frustration over the situation.


  • Fans feel the need for the sport to be more normal with regional alignment.
  • Humor arises as fans suggest drastic measures like changing conferences to turn a profit.
  • Frustration is evident over unanticipated expenses and financial mismanagement.

Discord Among Fans

Fans express frustration over the financial predicament faced by the university.

Hope Through Humor

Some fans resort to humor, suggesting unconventional methods like bake sales to raise funds.

Regional Alignment Woes

Concerns over the lack of regional alignment and its impact on travel expenses are raised.