USGA Wants to Get Me Fired: The Impact of Golf Obsession on Productivity

Golf fanatics at risk of losing jobs due to USGA’s impactful content.

Golf enthusiasts delve deep into the rabbit hole of the USGA’s captivating content, risking their jobs as they struggle to balance work and watching their favorite players.


  • Work-from-home challenges with golf content obsession.
  • Discussion on balancing productivity and passion for the sport.
  • Impact of USGA’s content on golf enthusiasts’ daily routines.

Work Obsession

Golf enthusiasts, like Redditor leggomyeggo22, find it hard to resist watching their favorite players, even during work hours. With Bryson, Homa, and Hovland on the green, requesting time off seems like a valid option for a passionate follower.

Work-From-Home Dilemma

LtAldoDurden highlights the joy of working from home, where the laptop can be a double-edged sword. The couch serves as a temptation to swap professional duties for viewing golf, posing a challenge for maintaining productivity.

Quirky Comments

Users like Villide humorously point out missing quotation marks around “at work,” implying the blurred lines between leisure and work hours for golf lovers. Infamous_Mud_6885 suggests a drastic solution of relocating to the UK to align golf watching with post-work relaxation.