UPS Lost My Brand New Custom-Fit Golf Clubs: A Golfer’s Nightmare

UPS has lost a golfer’s brand new custom-fit golf clubs, leading to frustration and disappointment. Golfer shares the ordeal online.

A golfer’s tale of woe – UPS lost their brand new custom-fit golf clubs, causing frustration and dismay. A community rallies with shared experiences of shipping mishaps.


  • UPS mishap leads to golfer losing brand new custom-fit clubs
  • Community empathizes with similar shipping woes
  • Praise for Sub70’s customer service amidst the chaos

Community’s Take

One user jests about the delivery contractor scoring a discount on eBay with the lost clubs. Another advises working with the seller and UPS for resolution, not taking matters into own hands. A positive note strikes as a golfer appreciates Sub70’s exceptional service during the ordeal, echoing others’ positive experiences.

Golfer’s Resilience

Another golfer recounts a similar UPS debacle, complete with lost tracking and a long wait for delivery. Despite the challenges, Sub70 shines with support and top-notch products, turning shipping woes into a testament to quality customer service.

Shared Shipping Woes

More tales unfold as golfers share their UPS misadventures. From clubs delivered to the wrong address to delays and miscommunication, the community unites in commiseration and understanding. UPS’s reputation takes a hit, with one user surprised at the mishap given the shipper’s supposed reliability.

The solidarity in shared misfortune offers a glimmer of humor and understanding in a frustrating situation. Golfers bond over lost clubs and shipping mishaps, finding solace in Sub70’s stellar customer service. Despite UPS’s slip-ups, the golf community remains resilient, finding humor and support in each other’s shared experiences.