Unveiling the Worst Popular Golf Takes in r/Golf Community

Discover the most outrageous and hilarious golf opinions circulating in the r/golf subreddit that will make you question reality!

Have you ever wondered about the most outlandish opinions shared in the golfing community? Dive into the hilariously absurd world of r/golf where members reveal some of the worst popular takes that will leave you in stitches!


  • Blind leading the blind – Members discuss questionable advice circulating in the community.
  • Handicap skepticism – Disbelief in fellow golfers’ accomplishments leads to heated debates.
  • Humor in short supply – Some users express dissatisfaction with the subreddit’s humor.
  • Alternative golf strategies – Unconventional techniques spark controversy among players.

K8-24: Blind Leading the Blind

The post highlights the prevalence of misguided golf advice within the subreddit, prompting members to reflect on the validity of shared knowledge.

ubiquitous_archer: Handicap Hurdles

Users criticize the skepticism surrounding others’ handicaps, emphasizing the importance of understanding golf abilities before passing judgment.

ljackstar: Quality Takes

A user humorously remarks on the scarcity of sound golf advice in comparison to the prevalent questionable suggestions.

this_my_sportsreddit: Unorthodox Iron Insights

A controversial statement about game improvement irons sparks a discussion on the significance of proper striking technique in golf.

tdawg-1551: Indoor Simulation Realities

The limitations of indoor simulators in accurately reflecting golf performance are highlighted, calling into question the validity of claimed achievements.

TheBonusWings: Humor Drought

A user critiques the lack of humor in the subreddit, pointing out that only long-standing jokes seem to resonate with the community.

Training_Swimming358: Iron Game Misconceptions

The utility of punch shots versus mastering iron de lofting techniques raises debates on effective golf strategies among players.

zeroultram: Pace of Play Philosophy

Varied opinions on the benefits of rapid versus leisurely golf rounds stir discussions on preferred playing styles and overall enjoyment.

blinkanboxcar182: Putting Practices

Disagreements arise over the acceptance of gimmes and acceptable etiquette regarding short putts, revealing diverse perspectives within the golfing community.

Explore the diverse range of opinions and debates in the r/golf subreddit, showcasing the unique insights and humor that characterize the passionate world of golf enthusiasts.