Unusual Golf Rules

Hey everyone – thanks for stopping by.  With our last post up around the struggles of the game as of late, we received something in the inbox that align very well.  We received an infographic regarding how much of a stickler this game is for rules.  Sure, the game was always know as a ‘gentlemen’s’ game, but maybe it’s time to take the stick out of our butt, and make the game fun again for beginners.  Have a look at some of the many rules, which penalize players, really for no reason whatsoever than to be difficult. The highlight? In just over 100 years, we went from a 338 word document of golf rules to 10,000+.  Enjoy!

Golf Rules Infographic


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  1. I completely agree. Sometimes we need to not rely so heavily on the rulebook and use some common sense. Especially when you are with beginners. If we remain sticklers for every rule, then it will turn a lot of people off the game entirely. Golf should be enjoyed by players not to frustrate them to the point where they would rather do something else with their time.

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