Unraveling the Mystery of the 1979 Seahawks’ Unexplainably Bad Game

The ’79 Seahawks had a historically bad game with negative 7 yards on offense, leaving fans puzzled.

Exploring the infamous game where the ’79 Seahawks produced negative yards on offense and how it left fans scratching their heads.


  • The ’79 Seahawks had an inexplicably bad game with negative 7 yards on offense.
  • Despite their strong season overall, this game stood out as a bizarre anomaly.
  • The Rams’ defense played a significant role in shutting down the Seahawks’ offense.
  • The loss ultimately cost the Seahawks a playoff spot, impacting their season’s outcome.

Analysis of the Game

The ’79 Seahawks entered the game against the Rams with high hopes after a decent start to the season. However, their abysmal offensive performance, resulting in negative yardage, stunned both fans and analysts alike. The combination of strong defensive play by the Rams and uncharacteristic errors by the Seahawks led to this historic low.

Comparative Perspective

While there have been other instances of teams struggling offensively in NFL history, the unique circumstances surrounding the ’79 Seahawks’ game make it particularly memorable. The fact that Seattle was a competitive team that season only adds to the perplexity of their performance.

Fan Reactions

Fans on the subreddit shared their thoughts on the game, with some highlighting similar inexplicable performances by other teams in different seasons. The consensus was that the ’79 Seahawks’ game remains a standout moment in NFL history for all the wrong reasons.