Unlocking the Secrets of Stanton’s Home Run Power

Join the debate on Reddit about what makes Stanton hit those epic home runs.

If you look at the hardest hit home runs of the statcast era, you see Stanton’s name all over it. He’s obviously quite strong, but it’s not like he’s a genetic freak like judge or a mass monster like Tyler O’Neill. His swing mechanics, to put it mildly, are definitely not a thing of beauty. But it just seems like every year, without fail, this dude runs into one that would put a hole through someone’s torso, & every time I find myself saying “how the hell did he do that!” Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts & input on the topic


  • Stanton’s hitting power goes beyond his physical build, confounding fans annually.
  • Despite his unconventional swing, he consistently smashes impressive home runs.
  • Users debate whether Stanton qualifies as a genetic freak compared to other players.

What Makes Stanton Stand Out

Stanton’s ability to hit mammoth home runs has baffled many fans and analysts alike. While he may not fit the traditional mold of a power hitter, his raw strength combined with unorthodox swing mechanics make for a lethal combination on the field. Some commenters pointed out that despite not looking like a typical power hitter, Stanton manages to generate incredible power with each swing, leaving spectators in awe.

The Genetic Freak Debate

The discussion around Stanton’s status as a genetic freak sparked differing opinions among users. Some argued that his imposing physical presence, standing at 6’6 and 245lbs, undeniably places him in the category of a genetic anomaly. Others questioned where the line should be drawn when labeling a player as a genetic freak, highlighting the nuances and interpretations of such a term.

The Enigmatic Allure of Stanton’s Swing

Despite the ongoing debate, one thing is clear – Stanton’s hitting prowess continues to captivate audiences with its blend of power and unpredictability. Whether you consider him a genetic freak or not, there’s no denying the excitement that ensues every time Stanton steps up to the plate.