Unlocking the Mystery: What Are Those Slots on Your Golf Bag For?

Discover the secret behind those mysterious slots on your golf bag in this insightful article.

Have you ever wondered about those mysterious slots on your golf bag? Let’s unravel the mystery together.


  • Those slots on your bag are versatile webbing loops.
  • Users suggest using carabiners to clip on various accessories like towels, brushes, and speakers.
  • Some users humorously propose unconventional uses like storing fireball minis or cigars.

Unlocking the Mystery

These slots are not just decorative; they serve a practical purpose. The webbing loops allow you…

User Insights

One user humorously suggests filling these slots with 12 ga shells for when pace of play slows down. Another recommends stocking up on glizzies. These tongue-in-cheek responses highlight the diverse ways golfers interpret the purpose of these slots on a bag.

Practical Uses

Carabiners seem to be the popular choice for attaching items like towels, cleaning brushes, and speakers. While some see them as a storage solution for golf balls or even shotgun cartridges, others get creative with suggestions like a bandolier of fireball minis or a spot for cigars.

Personalization and Functionality

For many golfers, the slots offer a chance to personalize their gear by adding accessories that suit their needs. Whether it’s extra towels, cleaning tools, or even a toothbrush, these webbing loops provide versatility and convenience on the course.