Unforgettable Underperformers: Worst Playoff Teams in NFL History

Let’s dive into the NFL subreddit to find out the most disappointing playoff teams of all time.

Have you ever watched an NFL playoff game and wondered how a particular team made it that far? Well, Reddit users are sharing their thoughts on the worst playoff teams in NFL history. From lackluster performances to underwhelming results, let’s explore some of the most memorable postseason disappointments.


  • The 2017 Bills faced criticism for their lackluster playoff performance despite breaking a playoff drought.
  • The 2010 Seahawks’ 7-9 record and negative point differential raised eyebrows among fans.
  • Reddit users highlighted the Eagles’ 2023 team and the Cowboys’ struggles in the playoffs over the past two decades.

2017 Bills: A Disappointing Playoff Showing

The 2017 Bills ended a lengthy playoff drought with high hopes, only to fall short with a lackluster performance, failing to score a touchdown against the Jaguars.

2010 Seahawks: A Record-Breaking Baffling Run

Despite their 7-9 record and negative point differential, the 2010 Seahawks managed to secure a playoff win, leaving fans and analysts bewildered by their performance.

Eagles 2023 and Cowboys: Struggles in the Playoffs

Reddit users also called out the Eagles’ 2023 team and the Cowboys’ inconsistent performances in the playoffs over the last two decades, showcasing the challenges faced by these historically successful teams.

When it comes to NFL playoffs, not every team can live up to expectations. These unforgettable underperformances remind us that making it to the playoffs is just the first step, and true greatness is achieved on the field.