Unbelievable Top 10 College Football Rankings Over the Years

Explore surprising Top 10 lists in college football history with bizarre rankings and unexpected twists!

College football has seen some jaw-dropping Top 10 rankings over the years, leaving fans scratching their heads and questioning the logic behind them. Let’s dive into the most surprising and unique rankings that have graced the BCS, AP, and CFP lists!


  • 2007 saw some of the most bewildering Top 10 rankings, with unexpected teams like Cal, USF, and West Virginia making waves.
  • The inaugural CFP ranking was a head-scratcher, featuring teams like Mississippi State and Auburn in the mix.
  • Week 13 of the BCS poll in 2007 threw everyone for a loop with unconventional placements like Missouri at #1.

Cal, USF, and West Virginia Shake Up the Rankings

In 2007, Cal, USF, West Virginia, Kansas, and Mizzou all found themselves in the Top 10, causing chaos among college football fans. User Byzantine_Merchant reminisces about the madness of that season…

The Inception of the CFP

When the College Football Playoff system debuted, fans were treated to a peculiar Top 10 lineup that included surprises like Mississippi State and TCU. User Corgi_Koala reflects on the unconventional rankings…

A BCS Poll for the Record Books

Week 13 of the 2007 BCS poll left fans in disbelief with Missouri, West Virginia, and Ohio State leading the charge. User BuckeyeForLife95 highlights the mind-boggling rankings from that week…

Strange and unforgettable moments like these keep college football enthusiasts on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next unexpected twist in the rankings.