Ultimate Guide to Perfectly Rigging Your Swim Bait – Fishing Tips and Tricks

Learn how to expertly rig your swim bait for maximum fish-catching potential!

Reddit user calvin200001 seeks feedback on their swim bait rig in the fishing subreddit. Anglers give mixed reviews. Some suggest improvements in rigging for better presentation and action in the water, while others recommend ditching unnecessary hardware. Join the discussion to optimize your swim bait rig!


  • Anglers criticize the swim bait rig for poor presentation and unnecessary hardware, advising on rigging techniques for better fish attraction.
  • Suggestions include rigging the swim bait straight, ditching snap swivels and split rings, and optimizing the hook placement for natural action.
  • Some users recommend starting from scratch for a more effective rig, tailored to different fishing techniques.

Anglers Critique the Rig

Reddit user peeonmyelbow suggests eliminating the extra terminal and fixing the swim bait for a more natural look and better presentation in the water.

Improving the Hook Placement

User King_richard4 advises against unnecessary hardware like snap swivels and hook rings, emphasizing the importance of using the right tackle for increased fishing success.

Rigging for Fish Attraction

A redditor recommends rigging the swim bait properly on an EWG hook to enhance its action in the water, noting the impact of bait presentation on fish response.