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It’s always nice when something comes in the mail. Sometimes we get little gadgets to add on to our golf clubs, sometimes it something for the cart to charge your phone on the go, this time it was whiskey. Really good whiskey!

The nice folks over at Flaviar sent the team at Sir Shanks Alot a little bit of a fine whiskey sampler of some of the finest whiskeys you can come across. When you first get a hold of one of these Flaviar taster packs the first thing you notice is the class flat black packaging. Then, the veils our new whiskey come in make for a unique and well packaged experience. Cracking into the black box we were presented with 5 fine whiskeys. The folks over here at Sir Shanks we pretty impressed.

Digging in a little bit further to what this Flaviar company was all about, we checked out there website and to be honest – we were pretty impressed. What these guys do is curated some of the best spirits from around the world and send you a monthly taster pack of 3 different spirits. Think jam of the month club – but whiskey. Who wouldn’t want something like that – seriously!

We received a 5 veil sampler pack, however the ones coming to monthly prime members to Flaviar will see the 3 veil packs. We could talk all day about the fine subtitles of each and every whiskey we sampled but we’ll narrow down on 3 of our favourites and chat quickly about those.

[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true”]Amrut, Indian Single Malt[/custom_headline]

Amrut Empty Veil

This is one of the better whiskys my lips have ever touched. It was clean and smooth with subtle hints of vanilla, cinnamon and almond – some of the tasting notes suggest that there are also hints of figs and plain chocolate but that was lost on my inexperienced taste buds. This particular whisky is a blend of two single malts with a unique approach. Amrut is about 25% peated Scottish malt and 75% unpeated Indian malt, the result of which is a exceptionally smooth experience with a hint of underlying peat to give you the feel of a traditional whiskey sip.

Amrut comes highly recommend from the team here at Sir Shanks Alot. It’s an easy introduction into the world of fine whisky drinking as its flavors are easily digestible making this an easy one to enjoy.

[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true”]Writer’s Tears, Irish Whisky[/custom_headline]

Bryan and Trevor Tasting

After arguing about what the difference between whiskey and whisky is – it’s really just the spelling based on country but you can read more about that here – we cracked open the next stand out in your Flaviar whiskey taster pack, Writer’s Tear. The name alone stands out to me so I was eager to try this one, the other gentleman were just as excited.

I was not disappointed with one, quite frankly I was pleasantly surprised. Usually I find Irish whiskys a bit rough around the edges, not to say that they’re not tasty in their own acquired right, but I personally find the ones I have been exposed too a little more for the party time, rather than enjoying a fine drink.

Writer’s Tears really flipped my opinion of Irish whiskeys – and for good reason.

As you crack open the veil of top shelf whiskey the first thing that hits is the welcoming aroma of carmel, green apple, vanilla, and sweet ginger. The smell itself warms your chest and prepares you for the warm undertaking as your press your lips to the glass and take your first sip.

The warmth comes over you and the weighty alcohol stands tall with this medium intensity whiskey. The finish is just as good as the start as hints of fruitiness overtake the medium intensity finish. Ready for the next sip Writer’s Tears whisky is sure to be sitting front and centre on top of my shelf.

[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true”]Koval, Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey[/custom_headline]

Koval Bourbon USE


I’ve been known to dip into a bottle of bourbon from time to time. The American form of whiskey has started to rise in popularity again as the trendy mixologists look for new and exciting ways to serve up the same old cocktails to you again and again. Personally, I like my bourbon in an Old Fashion, but Koval isn’t one you’d mix with a couple of maraschino cherry and a twist of orange – this is a fine bourbon and one that really shouldn’t be mixed in an old fashion – at least in my option. Enjoy this one in a rocks glass – neat.

Koval Distillery, which is located in Chicago, is the first legal distillery in the US after the end of prohibition in 1933 and they’re pumping out some pretty sweet whiskeys 85 years later. Koval is pretty average in appearance, the carmel colour hits the class nicely but it looks just like other bourbons that have hit these lips. It’s nose however, is what sets this bourbon apart from the others. The ethanol hits you and a wave of tropical fruit comes over you and takes the harshness away. Koval sticks to a strict organic, unfiltered, and single barrel method when brewing their craft whiskeys. Their attention to detail show in the product they produce. This one is defiantly worth a sip.

Our first experience with Flaviar was a great one. A great selection of quality whiskeys or whiskys. Whatever way you want to spell it – these were great. Look forward to a sampler pack every month or step up a friend or family member with something they’ll enjoy all year round.

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  1. It tastes like Scotch but there’s something different about it. After drinking it I realized it’s a blend, for the grain element is married flawlessly into it. Full bodied and pleasant, 51.4% but you wouldn’t tell that from the nose or undiluted taste. Add a bit of water and it will release some aromas that weren’t there before.
    I admit, I approached this one with skepticism, “yeah Japanese, what do they know” and I was thought a lesson: Japanese can turn anything into art.

    This one is really special, even if it’s sold in 500ml bottles.

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