True Linkswear PHX Golf Shoe Review

True PHX Golf Shoe ReviewI recently had the pleasure of testing out new True Linkswear’s line-up of PHX shoes out on a mountain golf trip with the old man. Since we had a whole week of golf planned, and I wanted to protect my sensitive feet, I saved the first test-round for a day when we had a cart.  We’ve all been there, when you first test out a pair of shoes and you have to “work them in” before they truly fit your feet. Why we’ve become accustom to this practice is baffling to me.  As one might expect – the Trues fit like glove, and were comfortable for the entire round. No blisters, no pinching, just comfort. With all that said, these new models are definite improvements over the last models I was using – the 2010 Trues.

From a design perspective, I can tell the guys over at True Linkswear earned their paychecks.  Two things bugged me about my first pair of Trues.  First, yes, the wide box toe area was a phenomenal addition that greatly increased comfort, but I received many comments from peers that they looked like “clown shoes”. I easily scoffed these comments off by saying they were incredibly comfortable, and I didn’t care.   But their comments stuck with me. The latest design of the Trues fixed this issue quite handily, by incorporating a much more traditional toe box (that is still wide and incredibly comfortable), without the “clown-shoe-like” look. Second, the laces were way to long, and even with double knots, hung annoyingly over the side of the shoe. Now this could have been because of the way I laced them up, but regardless, it irked me.  The new designs again, fixed this issue.

In terms of traction, these new True PHX were as good as any spiked golf shoe out there, and left no marks on the greens of the mountain courses we played.  Despite playing through rain and on steep slopes, my feet were stable and never slipped once. These shoes also did a phenomenal job of not collecting crap along the way of the round.

True PHX Golf Shoe ReviewIn terms of looks, True Linkswear did a great job of mixing the look of a casual runner with a golf shoe.  Traditionalists may object, but I really like the look of these new shoes.  I’ve always been a fan of white shoes, and while over time these shoes will undoubtedly get dirty, for the two rounds I played in them, they remained quite clean.  One thing of note, which I can’t say I’ve seen on any other shoes I’ve tried is that these shoes did an incredible job of resisting creasing on the toe area.  My last pair of shoes before switching to Trues, were a $200 pair of Footjoys, that held a toe crease from day one.  Two rounds with the Trues, and as the pictures can attest to, not even a noticeable crease was visible.

Worth mentioning as well – these shoes, like all Trues, were also completely waterproof.

The new line-up of shoes from True Linkswear combines, style, comfort (and I mean comfort), to make a truly phenomenal shoe that I can promise your feet are going to love.  If you’re still of the mind that you have to ‘work your golf shoes in’, these shoes will definitely change your perspective.  Give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s what True Linkswear has to say about these shoes:

The White/Navy phx is your go to shoe, all day, any day. A White leather upper is paired with a White/TRUE Blue Ergo-Traction 2.0 outsole to make the cleanest and most versatile golf shoe you could ever want. It looks fantastic with shorts, grey pants or blue jeans.


  • Barefoot Platform
  • Full Grain Leather Upper
  • 3D Mesh Liner
  • Memory Foam Heel
  • Ergo-fit Insole
  • ErgoTraction 2.0 Outsole
  • Dual Density Anti-Slip Rubber Sole
  • Water Resistant

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