Trouble in Paddle Paradise: The Defective 6.0 Ruby Saga

A pickleball player faces a dilemma with a new 6.0 ruby paddle, leading to a debate on surface defects.

A pickleball player is in a pickle with a new 6.0 ruby paddle that has a surface defect, causing grip discrepancies and spin issues. The paddle’s flaw incurs shipping costs for replacement, triggering a lively discussion within the pickleball community. How will this dilemma spin out?


  • Surface defect causing grip inconsistency and spin disruption.
  • Players sharing similar experiences with defective paddles.
  • Debate on warranty process and replacement options.

Surface Defect Dilemma

A player expresses frustration with a surface defect on their new 6.0 ruby paddle, noting a significant difference in grip roughness between sides. This issue is affecting their spins and requires them to bear shipping costs for replacement.

Community Response

Several players chime in, sharing their encounters with similar defects on paddles from the same brand. One user recounts a warranty process that led to choosing a different paddle due to dissatisfaction with the replacement procedure.

Grit and Spin

Discussions delve into the impact of grit added by the paddle on spin performance. While some believe the gritty side will eventually smooth out with use, others express doubts about the long-term effects on gameplay.

Quality Concerns

Users discuss the quality of the paddle and warranty support, highlighting concerns about consistency and customer service. The debate reflects a mix of disappointment and skepticism about the company’s products and processes.