Treble Hooks in Fishing: Love Them or Hate Them?

Fish caught on treble hooks leads to mixed emotions among anglers. Find out why!

Anglers debate the effectiveness of treble hooks in fishing. Some find them useful, while others despise the trouble they bring. Let’s dive into the discussion!


  • Using treble hooks can lead to mixed feelings among anglers, with some advocating for their benefits and others criticizing their drawbacks.
  • Switching to single hooks is a popular suggestion to avoid issues like deep hooking and unintended catches.
  • Anglers emphasize the importance of responsible fishing practices, such as using barbless hooks and releasing fish when possible.

Treble Hooks: Love Them or Hate Them?

Several anglers express concerns about treble hooks, highlighting the challenges they pose when catching fish. For some, the use of treble hooks can result in unintended consequences, as mentioned by u/angsot1121: ‘Looks pretty bad. Probably didn’t make it. It is part of fishing but sometimes you gotta harvest one that you were not planning on.’

The sentiment of dissatisfaction with treble hooks is echoed by users like u/BrokenWillBrute, who succinctly states, ‘Treble hooks suck.’ This frustration stems from issues like deep hooking and increased likelihood of catching non-target species.

Single Hooks as an Alternative

Amidst the criticism, alternative solutions are proposed to mitigate the problems associated with treble hooks. User u/Merr77 suggests, ‘Switch the trebles out for singles. I hook up just as much.’ This sentiment is supported by others who advocate for using single hooks to reduce harm to fish and simplify hook removal.

Emphasis on Responsible Fishing

Furthermore, the discussion emphasizes the importance of responsible fishing practices. Users like u/danteleerobotfighter recommend, ‘If its catch and release youre better off running single hooks, barbless being better.’ This highlights the need for anglers to consider the well-being of the fish and employ methods that minimize harm.

Considering the diverse opinions surrounding treble hooks in fishing, it’s evident that this topic sparks significant debate within the angling community. While some anglers swear by treble hooks for their effectiveness, others are inclined towards more fish-friendly alternatives. Ultimately, the choice of hooks reflects each angler’s values and priorities in the pursuit of their fishing endeavors.