Travis Mathews T-Shirts: Long or Too Tight?

Are Travis Mathews t-shirts designed for tall guys or should you size down? Here’s what golfers are saying.

Are Travis Mathews t-shirts made for giants or are they just not the right fit for regular golfers? Let’s delve into the Reddit posts and comments to uncover the mystery behind these tees.


  • Travis Mathews t-shirts might be too long for some golfers.
  • Arguments arise on sizing down for a better fit versus maintaining integrity.
  • Brand loyalty and preferences vary among users.
  • Different body types can lead to diverse experiences with clothing brands.

Celebration of Long Tees

Some golfers with long torsos find Travis Mathews tees to be a comfortable fit that solves their length dilemma, while others criticize the brand’s integrity after a few washes.

Sizing Matters

Debates on whether to size down to avoid extra length or stick with the current size for overall comfort spark contrasting opinions among the Reddit community.

Brand Loyalty

Preferences for other brands like Under Armour and Nike are shared, highlighting the diversity of choices in the golf apparel market.

The discourse surrounding Travis Mathews t-shirts reveals the intricate relationship between body proportions, brand loyalty, and personal preferences in golf attire. As golfers navigate the world of clothing options, finding the perfect fit becomes both a personal quest and a shared discussion among enthusiasts.