TPC Sawgrass Experience: Is It Worth the Price?

Find out why some golfers feel the $800 TPC Sawgrass experience may not match its price tag.

Playing at TPC Sawgrass recently, a golfer shares disappointments and wonders if the $800 experience is worth it. Here’s a look at the feedback from other golfers on Reddit.


  • High expectations met with small disappointments at TPC Sawgrass.
  • Golfers question the value for the high price tag.
  • Anticipation builds for a better experience at Pinehurst.
  • Differing opinions on the condition of the course and logo golf balls.

Disappointment at TPC Sawgrass

One user lamented that TPC Sawgrass felt like a waste of money, considering the issues with booking and course maintenance. Another user finds the high price unjustified, suggesting that there are better courses at lower rates.

Looking Forward to Pinehurst

Despite the letdown at Sawgrass, golfers are hopeful for a better experience at Pinehurst. A user highlighted Pinehurst’s renowned quality and expressed optimism for a significant improvement in their golfing journey.

Varying Opinions on Course Conditions

While some point out the poor condition of TPC Sawgrass’ greens and merchandise, others defend the course, noting that logo balls are typically Pinnacle and emphasizing that the experience is subjective.