Tour Edge Exotics E8 Driver

Good evening everyone,  thanks for stopping by. We’ve got some new driver info released from Tour Edge Exotics – the new E8 models. According to Exotics, the major advancement in both the new E8 and E8 Beta model is the positioning of the centre of gravity, and its ability to increase ball speed and reduce spin. The E8 model has its centre of gravity positioned lower and closer to the face for a higher launch, faster ball speed with less spin.  The E8 Beta’s centre of gravity is higher on the face in order to create a more penetrating ball flight and less spin.  Both feature a ton of adjustability, interchangeable weight and loft alteration options.

The E8 features a 460cc titanium head, and a noticeably lower profile to help generate an higher-trajectory and easier launch on impact.  The Beta is constructed using a Beta titanium face, and is a slimmer 440cc low-spin deeper-face head shape for a lower, more boring trajectory. Each driver is available from 8.5 to 12 degrees and in 1/2 degree increments thereof. The sole weight comes standard at 7-grams, but anything additional will cost you some extra dough.  Individual weights will cost you $20, or a three-piece kit – including a 5-gram, 10-gram and 12-gram weight it for $49.99.

Exotics drivers are available in the most popular shafts on the market; E8 is available with the Fujikura Pro/Pro Tour and Mitsubishi Bassara E-Series for a MSRP of $299.99. The E8 Beta driver is available in Aldila Rogue Silver and Black MSRP $399.99.

See more pictures below!

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