Tottenham v Manchester City – The Epic Save and the Botched Clearance

Discover why fans think Vicario’s save was one of the best this season and how Hojbjerg’s mishap changed the game.

A botched clearance by Hojbjerg and an epic save by Vicario had football fans in awe during the Tottenham v Manchester City match. The reactions were filled with excitement and frustration as the game took unexpected turns.


  • Fans raved about Vicario’s save, dubbing it one of the best this season.
  • Hojbjerg’s mishap was met with mixed reactions, with some finding it unfortunate and others joking about it.
  • The commentary team’s response to the save was criticized for being lackluster.

Fan Reactions to the Save

One user pointed out that the commentary team did not give enough credit to Vicario’s incredible save, with Gary Neville’s reaction being notably subdued. They felt the save deserved more recognition and praise from the commentators.

Hojbjerg’s Botched Clearance

While many fans commiserated with Hojbjerg over his error, some took a more lighthearted approach, joking that he must have not received the memo. Others saw it as an unfortunate incident but remained optimistic about his performance in future games.

Game Commentary and Player Performances

The switch from Lloris to Vicario in goal for Spurs was seen as a positive in terms of shot-stopping ability, with Vicario impressing fans with his performance. Some users humorously noted the unpredictability of the game, highlighting moments where even the players seemed unsure of their actions.