Top YouTube Fishermen You Need to Follow for Fishing Tips and Entertainment

Looking for new YouTube fishermen to follow? Get some variety and entertainment with these top picks!

FishinFools812 is on the hunt for new YouTube fishermen to get hooked on, and the Reddit community reels in with fantastic suggestions.


  • From Marling Baits to Japanese Angler Waki, a diverse range of channels is recommended for different fishing interests.
  • Channels like Addicted Fishing and One Rod One Reel provide valuable tips and entertainment for fishing enthusiasts.
  • Authenticity and real fishing experiences shine through channels like Creek Fishing Adventures and Fisherman’s Life.

Marling Baits: Crafting and fishing allure in one

Ace videos of lure making and fishing impress the community for merging craftsmanship with angling action, making it a must-watch.

Addicted Fishing: A hub of knowledge and camaraderie

The Addicted Fishing channel not only shares fishing adventures but also fosters a learning environment, with fans praising its educational content.

Creek Fishing Adventures: Realness resonates

Viewers appreciate the genuine fishing experiences presented by Creek Fishing Adventures, where authenticity outshines flashy gimmicks.