Top Golf Trip Destinations That Might Surprise You

Discover off-the-beaten-path locations for an unforgettable golfing adventure!

Embarking on a golf trip and looking for unique destinations that will exceed your expectations? Look no further as Reddit golf enthusiasts share their hidden gems and surprising golf courses. From Sand Valley, WI, to the hidden gem of Scottsdale, find out where these golfers recommend teeing off!


  • Unconventional golf trip picks from Colorado to Ohio
  • Hyped destinations like Scottsdale and Bandon get rave reviews
  • Michigan emerges as a hotspot for exceptional golf courses
  • Offbeat options like New Zealand and Mesquite make the list

Sand Valley, WI – Silent_fart_smell

Silent_fart_smell recommends Sand Valley, WI, for a golf-centric getaway with top-notch courses.

Bend, Oregon – The_Telos

The_Telos praises Bend, Oregon, for its proximity to awesome courses and reasonable prices, making it an attractive destination for golfers.

Scottsdale – Bringbackfatshaming

Bringbackfatshaming shares Scottsdale as a hidden gem for budget-friendly golf trips, offering a unique experience away from the usual hotspots.

Michigan – Prestigious-Pea7951

Prestigious-Pea7951 highlights Michigan as a golf haven, with a plethora of great courses spanning across the state, providing endless golfing opportunities.