Top and Bottom Coaches Players Want to Play For in College Basketball

Which coaches in college basketball would players choose to play for and who are the ones they wouldn’t?

Players reveal the top and bottom coaches they would choose to play for in college basketball.


  • Players highly value coaches like Tom Izzo and Bill Self for their leadership and player development skills.
  • Some coaches are deemed undesirable due to their demeanor or coaching style, such as Juwan Howard and Jarome Tang.
  • Players’ decisions on preferred coaches are influenced by factors like success, personality, and coaching approach.

Top Picks

Players express admiration for coaches like Tom Izzo and Bill Self, highlighting their exceptional leadership and ability to inspire players to perform at their best. These coaches are revered for their knowledge of the game and dedication to player development.

Undesirable Coaches

Conversely, some coaches are labeled as undesirable choices due to traits like arrogance or negative behavior. Coaches such as Juwan Howard and Jarome Tang are singled out for their coaching styles that players find unappealing.

Factors Influencing Choices

Players’ preferences for coaches are shaped by various factors like a coach’s winning record, personality, and coaching approach. Success on the court, interpersonal skills, and coaching methods all play pivotal roles in players’ decisions.