Top 8 Finishing Moves in Pickleball – Players Share Their Epic Tactics

Discover the most epic ways to win points in Pickleball from real players sharing their secret finishing moves!

Ever wondered what epic maneuvers players use to dominate in Pickleball? Let’s dive into the top finishing moves shared by fellow players!


  • Outsmarting opponents with strategic dinking battles
  • Exploiting weaknesses in positioning for a winning shot
  • Athletic moves like a lightning-fast two-handed backhand
  • Creative deceptive plays like a flick/roll shot

StandByMe1977’s Epic Moves

StandByMe1977 prefers high-speed forehand smashes and strategic plays to outwit opponents.

Player Insights

SorenTheKitten enjoys winning dink battles through tactical gameplay.

Player Strategies

Independent-Eggplant thrives on identifying and exploiting opponents’ weaknesses for victory.