Top 10 Worst School Uniforms in College Football History

Discover the most cringe-worthy school uniforms that will make you question your alma mater’s style choices.

A dive into the hilariously awful world of college football uniforms reveals a mix of questionable choices and bizarre designs that somehow made it onto the field. From throwback ‘Teachers’ jerseys to Oreo-themed disasters, these uniforms had fans shaking their heads in disbelief.


  • Georgia Southern’s throwback ‘Teachers’ uniforms sparked confusion with their quirky design.
  • Nike Pro Combats and ‘The Noid’ jerseys stand out as particularly cringe-worthy college football attire.
  • Despite differing opinions, many fans found amusement in discussing the worst school uniforms in college football history.

Georgia Southern’s Teachers Uniforms

Described as a blend of throwback and confusion, the ‘Teachers’ uniforms from 2013 left fans scratching their heads at the design choices, particularly the bold ‘Teachers’ logo on the helmet.

The Nike Pro Combats Debacle

Nike Pro Combats earned their place on the list of worst uniforms, with fans reminiscing about the questionable design worn by unfortunate players like Aaron Murray.

‘The Noid’ and Other Notorious Jerseys

From ‘The Noid’ to Oreo-themed disasters, college football has seen its fair share of bizarre uniform choices that have sparked both amusement and bewilderment among fans.

With each fan defending their school’s honor or jokingly admitting fault, the discussion on the worst college football uniforms continues to entertain and unite fans in their shared cringe-worthy memories.