Tom Brady’s Perfect Pass to Gronk: Reddit Reacts to the Highlight

Golf and racquet sports meet football as Reddit users discuss Tom Brady’s accuracy to Gronk.

Reddit users are abuzz discussing Tom Brady’s pinpoint pass to Gronk. The highlight has sparked mixed reactions and humorous commentary from fans.


  • Tom Brady’s accuracy leaves defenders perplexed.
  • Some doubt the reality of the perfect pass.
  • Brady’s precision hailed despite jests at his career.

TuaAnon’s Reaction

TuaAnon humorously questions how defenders can cover such perfection, adding a touch of disbelief to the conversation.

noshingsomepods’ Take

noshingsomepods chimes in with a light-hearted jab at the Steelers, showcasing the banter among football fans.

Chiaki_Ronpa’s Comment

Chiaki_Ronpa brings a blend of admiration and humor by likening Gronk to a semi truck with hands, highlighting the uniqueness of the play.

The Reddit thread captures the essence of fans’ reactions to Brady’s uncanny accuracy, blending admiration with playful jabs and incredulity.