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Titleist’s New DT TruSoft Golf Ball

Hey there thanks for stopping by! Today we’re happy to tell you that Titleist is introducing their new DT TruSoft golf balls on October 1st.

The DT TruSoft was designed for golfers who like a truly soft feel. It has a new core and cover formulation engineered by Titleist R&D and promises to deliver an incredibly soft compression feel with impressive distance and short game playability.

“Through our extensive testing with golfers, we know there is a growing interest for extremely soft feel, yet these golfers still want performance into and around the green. DT TruSoft represents the best combination of very soft feel and the all-around performance of distance and playability you expect from a Titleist golf ball” said Titleist’s Director of Golf Ball Product Management, Michael Mahoney. He added, “DT TruSoft is significantly softer than DT SoLo, which was already the softest compression golf ball in our line.”

Titleist DT TruSoftDT TruSoft models will be available in White and Optic Yellow models with play numbers 1-4 starting October 1st in retails shops across America. You should be able to get your hands on these for around $21.99.

DT TruSoft replaces DT SoLo in the Titleist golf ball family while continuing the heritage of the longest-running Titleist microbrand – referred to by golfers over the years as the “Red Box” Titleist.


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  1. Played three rounds with the Trusoft and I’m very impressed. Long off the club, buttery feel, plenty of bite on the green. Enough for me, anyway. NXT tour S performance yet even softer.

  2. Love golf balls that have a soft feel, particularly if they do not compromise distance. It’s tough to find the best of both worlds, but if anyone can find it, Titlelist is likely the one!

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