Titleist Launches Vokey Spin Milled 6 Wedges

Titleist Vokey wedges, which already dominate the tour are back with the latest version, that once again are labelled as their ‘best yet’. No surprises there. Here’s how Titleist describes these beauties. They are said to provide precise distance control, enhanced shot versatility, maximum spin and superior feel.

With that said, the Tour’s adoption of these latest wedges from Bob Vokey is pretty incredible, months before they even went on sale they are dominating the Tour’s wedge count, with 74 players putting these wedges into play the first day they could get their hands on them. That’s saying something. What makes them so special? We’ll tell you.

First and foremost, these new wedges feature a groundbreaking Progressive Centre of Gravity which strategically changes the centre of gravity based on the loft of the wedge and its intended shot purpose. Titleist tweaked the centre of gravity to help improve ball speed off the club face – up to 1.5MPH in their tests. Longer wedges, like your gap wedge to pitching wedge (46-52 degrees) features their lowest centre of gravity, sand wedge lofts (54-56 degrees) feature a mis centre of gravity and finally lob wedges (58-62 degrees) feature the highest centre of gravity among the wedges.

Second, using input from the Tour and Bob Vokey’s 20+ years making wedges, these new sticks feature 6 different grinds to fit the needs of all the pros, and surely your needs as well. All five SM6 grinds (L, M, S, F, K) are currently in play across the worldwide professional tours, and are custom made for varying swing types and styles.

Finally, Titleist newest grind and milling process shows a 200rpm improvement over previous years models in spin from the face. Cool stuff. These new wedge come in three different finishes Tour Chrome, Steel Gray and Jet Black (raw), and will retail beginning March 11 at $149 MAP ($169 MSRP).

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