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Titleist Introduces Scotty Cameron Futura X5 and X5R Putters

Hello again everyone – thanks again for joining us. Today, Titleist has introduced new Scotty Cameron Futura X5 and X5R Putters. The new putters combine a modern wing back design with a multi-material construction. You’ll be able to find these two new putters in your golf store starting October 31st. The clubs offer enhanced stability through perimeter weighting, with a solid yet forgiving feel. Vertical and horizontal sightlines were designed for easier alignment. The Matador Red Midsize grip go well with the face-balanced mallet design for those of you wh are looking for a more square-to-square stroke. The X5 is angled in the back, while the X5R model features a rounder shape.

“The Futura X5 mallet is for someone who likes the stability of a bigger head, the feel of a bigger grip, and likes to look down and see more lines for alignment purposes. X5 is more of a mechanical shape where the X5R is a softer, rounder shape. There’s no right or wrong. Same performance, same weight, same feel. It all depends on what you like to look at,” Scotty Cameron said.

“We’re finding that mallets make up as much as 50 percent of the putters used on the PGA Tour each week – and for good reason. The size of the head is larger so it looks and feels more stable on the ground. The bigger the head, the more lines you can add for alignment. We worked with many players on tour and in the Putter Studio during the development of X5 and they all told us the same thing: It adds confidence.”

The larger, mallet head designs of Futura X5 and X5R work in company with the Matador Red Midsize grip. The grip, weighing in at 77 grams promotes a more stable stroke.

“The grip can complement or kill the design of the putter,” Cameron said. “I know that sounds strange, but grips make a difference. With blades, it’s a little more handsy, a little more flowing, a little more feel. With Futura X putters, it’s a little more robotic, a little more square-to-square and this larger Matador grip complements the head very well.”

The clubs join the Futura X to form Cameron’s highest MOI line of putters. The Futura X head design was the direct result of Cameron’s extensive work with Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Scott, who used a prototype version of the putter in winning the 2013 Masters Tournament. Scott, who has been using Cameron putters for more than a decade, calls his Futura X “the most stable putter I have ever played.”

On a final note – “We have three lines of putters, but this is the most futuristic, the most high-tech,” Cameron said. “Futura is different because in order to get high MOI, we have to get the weight wider and further back.”

The anticipated price is $375 for the X5 & X5R clubs, with the X5 Dual Balance going around $425.

Designing the Titleist Futura X5

A Modern Craftsman


Futura X5 / Futura X5R
Loft: 3.5º
Lie: 70º
RH Lengths: 33”, 34”, 35”
LH Lengths: 33”, 34”, 35” (X5 only)
Head Material: 303 Stainless Steel with Aluminum Sole
Head Finish: Silver Mist
Toe Flow: Face Balanced
Neck: Single Bend
Offset: Full shaft
Grip: Matador Red Midsize

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  1. Wow did you guys get this putter right. The tighter milling line thinner face give it so much softer feel. Way less harsh and hard feeling than last years models. I know you will convert a lot of Bettinardi n other model lovers. Great job, the putter has amazing distance control as we’ll on lag puts. Looks, feel functionality all an A+ in my book and I never leave reviews. Just bought mine today,I’m playing in cold Chicago weather tmrw and the Bettinardi will be staying home.

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