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Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by, today we’re going to share with you our rumour mill for the 915 line-up from Titleist, including our expectations for this new line. If you’ve been following the 915 rumours for awhile, you’ve likely heard of “ARC”.  This has been seen in numerous Titleist trademark applications, and stands for Active Recoil Channel. We think it’s likely safe to say that Titleist is moving away from their traditional head shape and branching out into the “channel” marketplace.  This is backed up by some patent drawings that have also cropped up.  See below:

titleist-915-driver2 titleist-915-driver

This is the biggest rumour and expectation on this line, and other than this, we expect Titleist to stick pretty true to their original design routes.

Here’s what we’d expect:

  • These patent drawings are interesting, and we may be seeing the driver (no ARC channel on the crown) and the fairway wood design (ARC channel on crown), but it’s tough to tell.
  • We’d expect to see multiple models of the 915 – a D2 & D3 line, just like previous releases.
  • These drivers will have Sure-Fit tech – don’t fix that which isn’t broke. Surefit works from the 910 line-up to the 915, that would be a huge advantage over the other boys who keep changing up their hosel tech.
  • Expect similar feel and color on the hosel. Titleist drivers have remained pretty similar for the past 3-4 releases. Aside from these patent drawings which show a drastic possible change to the crown, I would still expect these to have a similar Titleist look and pear shape.
  • They’ll keep their top notch shaft offerings. This is a differentiator for Titleist, they’re not going to mess with it.
  • They may be messing with the CoG on their fairway foods and drivers to deliver a more penetrating ball flight with less spin. It is a common complaint that their drivers spin way too much.
  • Expect pictures in late July to August to start surfacing.

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