Tiger Woods Starts a Controversial Love Affair… With Winning

(Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

After reports that Tiger Woods hooked up with his ex-wife over the Christmas, his latest PGA Tour victory may have been cause for panic. Headlines like “Tiger has his way with Torrey Pines” and “Torrey Pines submits to Tiger’s prowess, for an eighth time” will doubtless confuse those who may have thought that Torrey Pines was an Olympic gymnast or a champion skier. For the record, there is nothing improper about the relationship between Torrey Pines and Tiger Woods. They make a wonderful couple.

Golf can be a harsh mistress and nobody knows that better than Tiger Woods. Upon being asked if he was ‘back’ after this latest victory, Tiger responded that ‘he had never gone away’. Except for that time, you know, in 2009 and 2010, when he, you know, ‘went away’.

Tiger’s 75th pro victory has come at both a good and a bad time. This was Tiger’s 6th Top 10 finish in his last seven tournaments. Meaning that Tiger now has something he has consistently lacked; consistency. Meanwhile, Rory McIlroy is on something of a slump, missing cuts and dating average-looking tennis players. But, Tiger will have to wait four weeks for the next tournament, The Match Play Championship, for a potential face-off.

It would be nice IF Tiger IS back with Elin Nordegren by the time of the Match Play Championship. Then we could see a “Golfer’s Partner’s Face-Off”, with a Scandinavian theme to it. Which might be the only occasion when you discover a Swede to be sweeter than a Danish.


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  1. Very interesting news about Tiger. I recently read this about him.

    The final chapter, of course, cannot be completed until Woods wins another major title. His next would be his 15th and would put him back in shape to get to Jack Nicklaus’ record 18.

    He won three titles on the PGA Tour last year, which most golf fans took as an obvious lead-in to 2013 as the year of a return to normalcy in pro golf. That would mean dominating, intimidating, look-the-devil-in-the-eye-and-never-flinch performances by the man who made that style an art form.

    That’s exactly what we have gotten so far this weekend along the cliffs of Torrey Pines, a place that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and provides a perfect playpen for photogenic hang gliders. Woods went forth with jaw set, took a two-shot lead into Sunday’s play and expanded that to six by the end of the day. Because fog erased an entire day of golf Saturday, Woods will still have 11 holes to play Monday to finish the deal.

    It would be great to see him really ‘back’

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