Thrilling High-Scoring Playoff Hockey Game: What Fans Are Saying

Fans react to the first 7-6 playoff game in decades – is defense optional in playoff hockey?

Hockey fans are buzzing about the recent high-scoring playoff game that ended with a 7-6 scoreline, a rare sight in postseason matchups.


  • Defense seems to be optional in this playoff hockey game, raising questions about the role of defensive strategies in the postseason.
  • Excitement levels are high as fans anticipate an electrifying series following this intense matchup.
  • Comparisons to past high-scoring games and memorable moments in hockey history add depth to the discussion.

Fans Dub Defense Optional

Commenter Povilitus humorously points out the optional nature of defense in this game, highlighting the unique intensity of playoff hockey.

Playoff Hockey Excitement

Temporary_Bus_1346 expresses anticipation for the upcoming games, expecting an electric atmosphere and thrilling performances.

Memorable Hockey Moments

PasswordMustContain recalls a series of high-scoring games in 2012 between the Pens and Flyers, emphasizing the unforgettable nature of such matchups in hockey history.