Thiem’s Fashion Faux Pas: Love It or Hate It?

Join the debate on Thiem’s controversial shirt collar design in this lively tennis discussion.

Thiem’s wardrobe choice on the court sparks a heated debate among tennis fans.


  • Fashion fiasco or trendsetter?
  • Thiem’s shirt collar causes a stir.
  • Debate rages on regarding Adidas design.

Nastypav12’s Take

Big line waiting to get in an hour before play starts in Charleston…but of course nobody supports women’s tennis! 🤣

jsnoodles’ Perspective

Is Matteo Gigante like evil Berrettini? Giant vs tiny hat.

solitarysniper’s Opinion

Seeing this error fest after watching players like Dimi, Carlos, and Jannik blitz through with winners and consistency in IW/Miami is cooking out my brain.

Thiem’s choice in apparel becomes the talk of the tennis town, with fans divided over whether it’s a bold fashion statement or a major miss. The collar on Thiem’s shirt sparks polarizing opinions, with some admiring his unique flair while others question the design. As the tennis matches unfold, the fashion commentary takes center stage, proving that in the world of sports, even wardrobe choices can be game-changers.