The WTA’s Marketing Missteps: A Missed Opportunity for Success

Social media users lament WTA’s lackluster marketing efforts, missing out on promoting epic matches.

Users criticize the WTA’s marketing efforts, pointing out the lack of match promotion on social media and poor quality of highlights.


  • Disappointment over the WTA’s marketing strategy.
  • Comparison of WTA’s marketing to other players and tournaments in tennis.
  • Calls for better promotion of matches and higher quality highlights.

Users’ Criticisms

Users express frustration over the lack of promotional content on social media during matches, noting the absence of videos and photos documenting key moments.

Highlight Quality

One user points out the struggle of finding high-quality WTA highlights, emphasizing the potential for the WTA to become as popular as the ATP with better content.

Management Woes

Concerns are raised about the limitations of the current WTA management in understanding effective marketing strategies, highlighting the need for change.

Despite some positive feedback on incremental improvements, the overall sentiment underscores a missed opportunity for the WTA to elevate its marketing game and showcase the excitement of its matches.