The Worst Decision Your Team Has Ever Made? NFL Fans Share Their Regrets

NFL fans reveal the worst decisions made by their teams, from draft picks to coaching choices.

What is the worst decision you have ever seen your team make? It can be anything from a decision or play called during a game, hiring or firing specific coaches, signing or releasing specific players, or bad ownership decisions regarding stadiums, merchandise, outfits etc.


  • Fans lament draft choices like Isaiah Wilson’s waste of talent.
  • Regrets include promoting coaches after playoff failures.
  • Missing out on key players like Marino or Brees stings for franchises.

KittensMittens9 – 1 ply disaster

Lamenting Cam’s treatment behind a flimsy offensive line.

The_Snake_Dick – Promoting Bill O’Brien

Sharing disdain for empowering a coach post-playoff meltdown.

ThinkSoftware – Blowing it post 28-3

Revisiting faltering decisions after big leads crumbled.

HostileWebsite – Passing on Marino

Reflecting on pivotal moments like missing out on legends.

Users reflect on costly decisions, from draft busts to coaching fumbles, shaping their teams’ destinies with regret and hindsight.